Jiha Moon was born in 1973 in Daegu, South Korea. She has based her international art in Atlanta, Georgia.  She is widely into the heart of painting in the world through her unique approach of using a variety of media from diverse cultural and historical backgrounds.

Ideally, Moon makes collections of the Eastern (China, Japan, and other countries in Asia), and finally, blends with the Western sources to express the in-depth composition of world’s stories. In these collections, she carefully infuses technology, racial approaches, and folklore.


Jiha Moon is a scholar on matters of fine art. She graduated from Korea University with a degree in Fine Arts. She later mastered in Fine arts and Western Painting, at Ewha Womans University. Moon crowned her education with a Masters of Arts in painting at the University of Lowa in the United States.



She specializes in painting, printmaking, and sculptural ceramics objects. She uses sophisticated techniques like the acrylic prints with Korean paper to bring out the best two and three-dimensional paint finishing. Besides, she uses a variety of fabric, embroidery, and print collage to intensify perfect final products.

Jiha Moon has worked at headlands center of the Arts, Omi International art Center, Mac Dowel Colony, Fabric Workshop and Museum, Henry Luce III Center for the Arts and Religion.


Moon has many exhibitions on record both the solo and group exhibitions; the solo exhibitions include cheekwood Botanical Garden, “Double Welcome: Most Everyone’s Mad Here,” at Taubman Museum and Hasley Institute of Contemporary Art, Museum of Art in Nashville, etc, to mention a few.


Among many other honors, Jiha Moon has been awarded Trwak Prize, Joan Mitchelle Foundation, and Museum of Contemporary Artist Georgia, etc.




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