Kim Hyuna is a singer, dancer, songwriter, and model based in South Korea. She was born on 6th June 1992 in the capital city of SA, Seoul. She has spent her whole life around the performing arts, and especially after her undergraduate. She is one of the most flourishing young artists in South Korea with an international outlook.

She went to Choongman Middle school and later joined Korea High School of Music and Arts. Having chosen the path of music, she enrolled at Konkok University to pursue Contemporary arts. Records have it that Hyuna received a special admission in the same school.

Kim-Hyuna, The Icon Of K-Pop In South Korea


She got into the music arena in 2006 where she joined Wonder Girls, a group that is managed by JYP entertainment as the main Rapper.  She hit the platform with a mini album “The Wonder Begins” which was released in February 2007.

Following the disbandment of Wonder Girls in 2009, Hyuna joined 4 minutes in the same year shortly before she began her single career in music in 2010. She was proud of her goals in the single career path, and she branded it “Performance Oriented Music.”

One of her best performing singles is “change” which ranked second at the Gaon digital Chart in 2010. Her first extended play, “Bubble Play,” 2011, attracted more than 2.5m copies sales also making her the first K-pop female musician to click the 100 million views on YouTube in 2012.

She has collaborated in with Jong Hyun- Seung to make Trouble Maker. She’s been in the trio, Triple H, which released an Extended Play 199x. The duet that produced the hit Gangnam Style was part of her contribution as well.






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