Curling is one game that is rising in popularity across the world and especially in South Korea where the “Garlic Girls” have given it a whole new look. It is a game with the least resources in South Korea regarding participation and training facilities.

Nevertheless, the Southern Korean Curling Girls went out of their way to create an exemplary achievement at the Olympics in PyeongChang. Despite the heavyweights who have tasted the Olympics finals twice, like Sweden and Canada, they managed to scoop a silver medal.

The Garlic Girls (a nickname) are known to have a personality of their kind unlike many other athletes in the field. They are media evasive and hardly do they give in to the public frenzy. Their character inclines widely on their personal choice and the will of the coach.

The South Korean Garlic Girls

They cocoon from external excitement by switching off their phones. The nature of their game dictates the discipline because it is both a physically and psychologically demanding game. Being away from the public reduces the demanding pressure because of their rising popularity.

The Curling team

The first recruit in the game, Kim Eun-Jung, recruited her close friend Kim Yeong –mi. Yeong –Mi recruited her sister. The last recruit was Kim Cho-hi. Cho-hi had a dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher though Curling took it away.

She has not given up the dream, and today she partners with other organizations like World Vision to support the less fortunate children. She desires to see children who come from a less wealthy background like herself live a better life.



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