In-Young is a female Korean scientist. She ranks as one of the first women to visit Antarctica and the first Asian woman to be a station leader.


Young Ahn studied Biological Oceanography at the Seoul National University where she graduated in 1982. In 1990, she joined the State University in New York and graduated with a PHD in Coastal Oceanography.

In-Young Ahn


She is the current Principal research scientist at the Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI). She leads research on Antarctic Marine Benthenic Ecology with special interest in benthenic invertebrates and monitoring on Coastal Marine Ecosystems.

Besides, she studies the dominant marine bivalve around the Antarctic continent, Antarctica Latenula elliptica. Currently, her studies center on the benthenic communities around the King Sejong Station; how the glacier retreats, and how near shore affects them.

She also serves as an adjunct Professor at the university of Science and Technology.


In-Young Ahn has many accolades on her. E.g., the government of South Korea awarded Ahn a medal of Science and Technology for outstanding accomplishment at the Antarctica in 2001. In 2008, she was awarded a commendation by the Ministry of environment of the South Korea for designation for Antarctic specially protected area.



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