While in the past most successful start-up entrepreneurships belonged to men, women in Asia are changing the narrative.

Hyewon Lee

Hyewon Lee has rich experience in small startups and has influenced more than 500 start-ups including Google. At the STX, she was a project manager and later joined the Rocket internet and went ahead to co-found Glossybox. She further established a marketing and e-commerce consulting start-up before bringing AI healthcare start-up Noom to Korea. She made Noon, the most successful healthcare app after raising $30 million through her network. Her latest start-up is Finda, fin-tech business to provide excellent financial products founded on substantial comprehensive data analysis.

Kim Ka Young, Hotel Now

Kim Ka Young is known for her contribution in making Hotel Now app. Koreans loved how the app made it easy to book a hotel and also effortlessly find good deals. The app has over 1 million downloads and is still growing Kim Ka Young is eying the whole of Asian in future.

Hee-eun Park

Hee-eun Park

Hee-eun Park is one of the women who have been in the Korean start-ups entrepreneurship for a long. She is a top expert in this area and a former CEO and co-founder IUM. This award winner businesswoman is currently a principal and part of a Silicon Valley investment capital firm.

SungUn Chang, Yolk

SungUn Chang is a talented entrepreneur who brought the thin. Lightweight, paper-thin charger powered by solar, the Yolk. It fits in a notebook and charges an iPhone in less than three hours. It is unique and convenient, SungUn opened up a new market in a short time, and the Yolk is a force to reckon.

Sophie Eom, Solidware

Sophie Eom is a Fin Tech expert. She worked with AXA Global Direct Korea before co-founding Solidware that uses machine learning combined with extensive data to foretell any possible business risks. Sophie manages the company, makes sales and develops its business making her a leader in the Fin-tech business.


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