North Korea and South Korea have had issues in the past that have affected their relationship over time. One of the challenges being the nuclear firm that is giving South Korea sleepless nights.

For the first time after the South Korean war in the 1950s, a member of the dynasty family made it out of North Korea, and especially to South Korea. That was historic in its terms.

Kim Jong –Un’s Sister Is Making History At The Winter Olympics

Kim Yong Jong, the sister to Kim Jong-un, appeared in the Winter Olympics in South Korea at a very unexpected moment. Unlike her brother, Kim seemed to be so outgoing and freely interacted and greeted other dignitaries and leaders at the Olympics.

Kim Yong, who is also the Vice Director of Workers’ party of Korea Propaganda and Agitation Department, was accompanied by the ceremonial Head of State of North Korea which attracted a lot of media coverage.

During her visit at the Winter Olympics in South Korea, Kim Yong met the President of South Korea, Moon Jae, four times. She also gave him a special invitation from his brother Kim Jong Un to visit North Korea after the Olympics.


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