The tension that has been building up between South Korean and North Korea seemed to take a slightly different direction. North Korea sent waves of worry to the international community n her at the nuclear bomb and missile tests.

The President of North Korea Mr Kim Jong -un sent a hand of gratitude to the President to South Korea Moon Jae for hosting his team well at the Olympics in PyeongChang. He also commended for giving his team a priority in the attendance of Olympics.

Kim Jong Un

This comes after Kim’s sister attended the Olympics with an aura of friendliness. The attendance of Kim Yong at the Olympics, her invitation of Moon to the North sends a signal of warmness between the two countries.

Besides, Kim Jong sending his regards is an indication of a relationship that is warming up. Even though Mr Moon did not reiterate with a detailed response, he said that the US is ready for negotiations. The statement has gone through a lot of interpretations from different quarters.

A picture released by Korean state agency of Kim, Ceremonial President and his sister before the Olympics seems to suggest more on the motivation towards the reconciliation between the two nations. Analysts are linking it to the instructions of how the two; Kim Yong and the ceremonial President would give the relations a lively preamble.

It is therefore projected that the two leaders are warming up for further negotiations on improving their bilateral relationship.


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