Doing cafe was established in March 2017. The owner, Kim Ryeo –il, carries the dream of seeing feminism ideologies spread and appreciated in a society where the agenda is a taboo. South Korea is still not safe for such ideas for the women in their 20s and 30s. It has not been since her youthful life, Kim says.

The cafe which is located behind in the Gangnam Street, Seoul. The café is packed with more than 1,000 feminism resources; it has an art exhibition, guest lectures, and store merchandise, one on one counseling sessions, and social gatherings.

Doing cafe, a feminist cafe in Seoul

In this café, a young woman in her early 30s drew an immense inspiration to speak about feminism issues after many years of camouflage. Ha Yoon had a fear of marginalization until she came to Doing café where she interacted with about 20 patrons who discussed the feminism issues in detail.

Like many other with feminism ideologies, Ha Yoon was discriminated against by her own family who dismissed her as a person running away from reality. Today she is free to talk and describe to her young brother what feminism is all about, the power she got from Doing cafe.

Kim Ryeo was inspired by a young woman who was stabbed to death by a man in a Gangman restroom. The man was later charged for mental illness and not hate crime. His reason for killing was alleged, the hate women had in him and never wanted to talk to him. The verdict brought a lot of discussions on social media.




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