There is no doubt that South Korea is the hub of beauty in south Asia. The women don’t step out of their doorsteps without makeup on their faces. And someone asked why South Korea’s women look so beautiful. This is what Michael hurt says.

“Korean skincare products are amazing,” he also adds on that, women in South Korea have prioritized their bodies above all other interests. Michael is a sociologist and professor at Hankuk University of foreign studies Seoul.

Unjust Beauty Norms

The K-beauty is still the norm in Seoul. With products like the v-line masks that aims at slimming puffy cheeks and angular jaws. Hair markers that hide hairlines. The body tints for roughing ashy knees, elbows and nipples.

In South Korea, women’s’ pursuit of beauty is like a political battle. Most of them who want to get to greater heights in their social and professional success is under the norm of beauty. It is a trend that is deeply entangled in the system of Seoul.

A young financial accountant in her 20s faces the real perspective of makeup in Seoul. Whenever she does not use them, the colleagues wonder why her face is tired and melted looking. She gets pressure when she goes out for audit jobs. The workmates insist that older clients love pretty faces.

In the recent past, the social media has hyped the “zombie” face mask with bloggers touting the “glass skin.” The campaign is stimulated by one of the top ten market controllers of beauty products.


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