Choi Eun –hee is an actress whose name will remain in the archives of theater for life. Choi was born on 20th November 1926. She began her career early in life, and during the second world, both South Korea and North Korea had enlisted her.

The author Paul Fischer gives an account of her story in the documentary “The Lovers and the Despots.” Her life has been all roses; she has her part of fears to tell. She came to the face of the world when North Korean Agencies abducted her.

Choi Eun –hee

The abduction occurred on her way to Hong Kong where she had been promised a better deal in filming. She remembers a speeding boat approaching and three-four men grabbing her and bundled her on the boat. That was the turning point of her story.

She was put into prison for eight years with her ex-husband, Shin Sang-ok whom she had divorced for having a secret family. That was after she had her first divorce with the first husband. The two, Shin and Choi, produced 130 films while in the North Korean Custody.

Choi got an award of being the best actress in Moscow film award ceremony while still in North Korea. The leader North Korea, Kim Jong II was pleased with their productivity and allowed them to attend international film festivals.

The fact is, Kim Jong II was unhappy with the film content in North Korea and had the zeal to improve it. During one of such visits abroad, Choi and Si escaped. They lived in America for a decade before going back to South Korea. Shin died in 2006 while Choi died at 92 years. They had remarried in 1983 after their divorce in 1976.


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