The epic of talent is slowly getting to the brim from the k-pop music, movies and drama to the field events. Golf, which has been traditionally a man dominated game, is changing the face of its champions to vibrant young women in South Korea.

Of course, everyone on the global scale is wondering how the young women in South Korea are getting all the energy and the esteem to outdo veterans like America in the game. The paradox of how hard and easy it is for the damsels are in their background.

Why Is Golf So Popular Among The South Korean Women Athletics?

Before we look at the source of their power, a new champion has hit the global scale in golf from South Korea, Park Sung Hyun, that has found herself in the stellar series of the women champions in the world. Her victory in 2017 obsessed her. Her nickname: Dak Gong which means shut up and attack speaks it all.

According to Alex Fleming, a fun of women golf and who supports on the social media says that South Korean will lead in golf by hard work. He also adds on that parents give every form of support to any girl interested in golf.

Park Sere, 40, the pioneer of the golf winning series is a fulfilled mentor after she witnesses a good number of women on international golf trips. She is a source of inspiration to the new golf team.

South Korea is not a comfortable place to get the dais of golf. The competition is too stiff, and the players undergo a lot of pressure to find their way to the top. The stamina and self-esteem they get is a stimulating factor to win at the international level.


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