Korea like any other country struggling with her conservative nature has its own pie of intermarriages hiccup to bite. Interracial marriages, is not so common among many Asian countries, and many societies have their challenges adopting the sub culture.

However, there are factors that push the Korean men and women into interracial marriages that we shall briefly look at. Statistics in the last decade show that at least 22,000 Korean men have married women from other Asian nationalities including Vietnam, China, and Philippines.

Interracial marriages in Korea

The Korean women seem to vary in the opinion and most of the 30% of the 7,500 married to other nationalities have gone to the westerners. Mainly, Australia, America and Canada. It is not all roses because of the prejudice of the mixed marriages in Korea.

The notion of mixed marriages threatening social cohesion is still a question of discussion n in Korea. The ministry of Justice put a restriction on the international marriages after the rising cases of domestic conflicts caused by lack of a common language and cultural differences.

The Korean men in the rural areas choose to get wives from poorer Asian states because of the shortage of women to marry. In totality, there is no scale to determine the success of the international marriages or the failure in equal measures.

There are pre-existing stereotypes that emanated from the Korean War that led to women attached to the Americans being left behind. Such, makes the intermarriages a burden to the Korean women to absorb.


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