In Korea, beauty products are not the only sure way to make the skin glow. The men and women through research and studies have identified foods that replenish and protect the skin. Most of these foods have antioxidants which fight the free radicals and other inflammations that deteriorate the quality of the skin.

Barley Tea

Barley tea has become popular in Korea for its rich in antioxidants. They prevent ageing of the skin. It has also been discovered to prevent tooth decays because of the harsh environment they provide which prevent the existence of the bacteria and bacteria action in the teeth.


This traditional food contains a lot of probiotics and good bacteria. The stomach bacteria are a very important element to keep a healthy digestive tract. When the digestive tract is healthy and clean, the chances of suffering from acne and inflammation are minimal.



Like the Kimchi, Makgeolli is probiotic food. The food has become so popular in Korea for a healthy skin and gut. The extracts from this plant area are vital components in the manufacturing of the sheet masks.

Sea weed soup

Thi plant being a water herb, it has a lot of water which is essential for the hydrated skin. The Omega 3 and the antioxidants in the sea weed plant also prevent the skin from the environmental effects and any other cell damaging effects.


Ginseng is a loved food in by majority of the Koreans. The herb supplements vitamins, and minerals for the skin. The minerals help the skin in metabolism, and growth of new skin.

Soyabean paste

This food contains vitamin E and antioxidants. Soy bean paste prevents intrinsic ageing of the skin, pollution and the Ultra Violet damages.



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