If you have been following Korean history very well, you will notice that the Goryeo Dynasty is the last Buddhist Dynasty.

The Goryeo Dynasty established in 918 ruled Korea until the invasion of the Joseon Dynasty in 1932. The name Goryeo” came from ” Goguryeo.”

Internal Wars and Invasion

Like any dynasty, Goryeo faced internal disorders and invasion which threatened its existence.

For instance, in 993, the Khitan waged war with Goryeo in the Northwest border. The fight only came to an end when Goryeo agreed to terminate its alliance with Song China, and Khitan ceded the territory in the East of River Yale.

But things did not end there.

The  Mongol Yuan Dynasty also invaded Goryeo when Gongmin took power.

Later in the mid-fourteenth century, The Mongol Yuan Dynasty began to collapse in 1368. Gongmin who was the ruler by then tried to reform the Gorgeo government.

Gongmin was defeated in war by General Yi in 1392. The loss of the Gongmin made General Yi establish the commonly known Joseon Dynasty in the story. That was how the Goryeo fell apart.

Bottom Line About the Goryeo Dynasty

If you have wanted to know more about how the Goryeo Dynasty fell apart, I hope this article has enlightened you so much.


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