Emperor Showa, also known as Hirohito, was born on April 29, 1901, in Japan.

He started his reign on December 25, 1926. He was the 124th Emperor of Japan. He got his name, Showa in 1990 after his death.

Emperors of Japan were renamed after their death. He became an Emperor after his father died in 1921 which is in accordance with Japan’s order of succession.

Hirohito was the emperor during the Second-Sino-Japan war. He was to be an absolute monarch, but Prime Minister Hideki Tojo and military held most of the powers in Japan.

After Japan’s defeat in the Second Sino-Japanese War, the emperor became a symbol of status/national unity.

Out of all the emperors in Japan, he was the first emperor to travel to Europe in 1971 and the United States of America in 1975.

In other words, he was the first emperor of Japan to travel outside his country.

Emperor show died in 1989 of small intestine cancer, and his son Akihito took over from him.

His state funeral got worldwide attention and was attended by World leaders. Prominent World leaders that attended his funeral included U.S President George H. W Bush, French President Francois Mitterrand, and the Duke of Edinburgh.


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