Nobuyuki Abe was born in Kanazawa cityIshikawa Prefecture where he attended Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya High School. In his student life, Abe voluntarily served in the military during the First Sino-Japanese War.

It’s after graduating from the Imperial Japanese Army Academy when he was appointed as a second lieutenant and later became lieutenant colonel. He became the military service affairs’ director in the Ministry of Army and later was endorsed to become the lieutenant general. On 10th August 1928, he served as Military Affairs Bureau’s chief and as the Army’s Vice Minister.

It was on January 1932, when he became the commander of the Japanese Taiwan Army. Later he became the general.  On 30th of August 1939, he became the Prime Minister who reigned for four months. At the same time he held the Foreign Minister’s portfolio. Due to Abe’s lack of support from both the political parties and the military, Mitsumasa Yonai successfully replaced him in January 1940.

Abe later was sent to China to give the Japanese-supported regime advice as a special diplomat. When he returned to Japan, he agreed to take the Imperial Rule Assistance Political Association’s presidential position. In 1944 and 1945 is when he became the 10th Korea’s Governor-General.


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