The Soviet invasion of Manchuria is also known as the Manchurian Strategic offensive operation. The Operation was started on 9 August 1945 when the Soviet Union invaded the Japanese Puppet state of Manchukuo.

The invasion was the last war campaign of the Second World War and was the largest Soviet-Japanese war. The war resumed hostility between the Soviet Union and the empire of Japan after 6 years of peace between the two countries.

When the war erupted, the Soviet Union gained cities like Manchukuo, Mengjiang, and Northern Korea. The Soviet Union defeat of the Kwantung Army made the Japanese government surrender, as it sends a strong message that the union had no intention of negotiation.


The Japanese army was the Kwantung Army. General Otozo Yamada led the army.

After the war, the Soviet Union occupied Manchuria. Later they transferred the city to local communities. When China took control of the Manuchario region backed by the Soviet Union, it triggered a second war called the Korean War.

Thousands of Japanese who inhibited and colonized Manchuria and Inner Mongolia remained behind. The majority of them were women who had children from Chinese men. These women  who stayed behind and had children with Chinese men were known as “Stranded wives.”

Japanese women were never allowed to return home because they had children from Chinese women. Well, that was because Japanese customary law insisted on giving citizenship to Children from Japanese fathers.


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