Traditional Korean Foods That Are Naturally Beautifying


In Korea, beauty products are not the only sure way to make the skin glow. The men and women through research and studies have identified foods that replenish and protect the skin. Most of these foods have antioxidants which fight the free radicals and other inflammations that deteriorate the quality of the skin.

Barley Tea

Barley tea has become popular in Korea for its rich in antioxidants. They prevent ageing of the skin. It has also been discovered to prevent tooth decays because of the harsh environment they provide which prevent the existence of the bacteria and bacteria action in the teeth.


This traditional food contains a lot of probiotics and good bacteria. The stomach bacteria are a very important element to keep a healthy digestive tract. When the digestive tract is healthy and clean, the chances of suffering from acne and inflammation are minimal.



Like the Kimchi, Makgeolli is probiotic food. The food has become so popular in Korea for a healthy skin and gut. The extracts from this plant area are vital components in the manufacturing of the sheet masks.

Sea weed soup

Thi plant being a water herb, it has a lot of water which is essential for the hydrated skin. The Omega 3 and the antioxidants in the sea weed plant also prevent the skin from the environmental effects and any other cell damaging effects.


Ginseng is a loved food in by majority of the Koreans. The herb supplements vitamins, and minerals for the skin. The minerals help the skin in metabolism, and growth of new skin.

Soyabean paste

This food contains vitamin E and antioxidants. Soy bean paste prevents intrinsic ageing of the skin, pollution and the Ultra Violet damages.


Women In South Korea Politics

Women in South Korea Politics

The growth of South Korean women’s participation in politics has been prolonged since independence. After they achieved their freedom, it took forty years for the political system to begin articulating women issues and gender equality into the politics of South Korea.

Women in South Korea Politics

Constitutional Metamorphosis for the South Korean Woman

The first changes in the constitution of South Korea came into place in 1948 where the gender equality in politics was addressed. This law was amended six times between 1948-1988. That is a very rapid amendment in a country that was suffering from political instability.

In 1987, the South Korean parliament put into action the Equal Employment Act which was to allow women to engage more in public participation and development.

Further amendments that could allow women to have the financial muscles that could facilitate their participation in politics and general development were empowered by the 1999 Gender Discrimination and Prevention Relief Act. This law allowed women to own property and access services employment among other fundamental rights bestowed by the law.

Fruits of this amendment have been boosted by the rising of the South Korean women into high positions. An example is Hye Myeong who became the first South Korean woman to become a Prime Minister.

The political party Act in 2004 saw many women participating in elections more than the previous years. 50% of the representation was to be composed of women as stated by the law.

The step by the government to give additional funding of 10% of its budget to the empowerment of women in politics saw the participation of women rise by 13% in 2002.



Five Important Tips For Women Traveling To Seoul, Seoul Korea

Tips For Women Traveling To Seoul

Generally, Seoul city, like many other parts of South Korea, has elements of conservativeness that make it safe for women. If you need to have a visit to this great city keep in mind the following:

Be Apt In The Dressing

Seoul is like the heart of outfits for women. They are always on point right from their office to casual and party attire. So, get yourself one of those masterpieces from the 24-hour-working boutiques and shopping malls which are several.

Tips For Women Traveling To Seoul

Welcoming Personality

The people of Seoul respect women due to their conservative nature. You will always find help from the passersby. However, due to the heavy drinking beware of men who will move closer, though in sobriety they don’t. The security in town is neat and enhanced by the numerous CCTV cameras.

Bridge The Language Deficiency

In case you do not understand the local language, be close to your Wi-Fi or data. The city has a public Wi-Fi which is free-to-use. Cafes and hotels provide Wi-Fi for their customers as well.

Medical Emergencies

If you need medical emergency; dial 1339 at the medical emergency center where they will sort you out with ease. You can inquire about clinics or any other technical medical advice you need.


This should be the least of your worries. The town has a range of hotels that will cater for your needs. Both the luxurious hotels and resorts have all the amenities for your stay.

Consider the Myedong, Gangnam, Insadong, Itaewon, and Hongdae, universities due to their proximity to the commercial and tourists centers.

Abducted Legendary South Korean Actress Dies At 92

Choi Eun –hee

Choi Eun –hee is an actress whose name will remain in the archives of theater for life. Choi was born on 20th November 1926. She began her career early in life, and during the second world, both South Korea and North Korea had enlisted her.

The author Paul Fischer gives an account of her story in the documentary “The Lovers and the Despots.” Her life has been all roses; she has her part of fears to tell. She came to the face of the world when North Korean Agencies abducted her.

Choi Eun –hee

The abduction occurred on her way to Hong Kong where she had been promised a better deal in filming. She remembers a speeding boat approaching and three-four men grabbing her and bundled her on the boat. That was the turning point of her story.

She was put into prison for eight years with her ex-husband, Shin Sang-ok whom she had divorced for having a secret family. That was after she had her first divorce with the first husband. The two, Shin and Choi, produced 130 films while in the North Korean Custody.

Choi got an award of being the best actress in Moscow film award ceremony while still in North Korea. The leader North Korea, Kim Jong II was pleased with their productivity and allowed them to attend international film festivals.

The fact is, Kim Jong II was unhappy with the film content in North Korea and had the zeal to improve it. During one of such visits abroad, Choi and Si escaped. They lived in America for a decade before going back to South Korea. Shin died in 2006 while Choi died at 92 years. They had remarried in 1983 after their divorce in 1976.

Lee Hyo-Jung –Badminton Olympic Championship

Lee Hyo-Jung

Lee Hyo- Jung was born on 13th January 1981 at Basun South Korea. She is a renowned badminton player who began her exemplary performance at Haksan high school. Throughout her life, she has dedicated her course to the Badminton court and won many matches within and without Asia.

Back at high school, Lee won several junior championships in singles, doubles and mixed doubles in the Germany Junior tournaments. She partnered with Woul Sik to win the Girls Doubles (bronze medal). She too partnered with Chri Min-ho and secured themselves silver medal.

Lee Hyo-Jung

In the Asian championship doubles, Lee together with Yim Kyung –Jin won a gold medal. At the age 0f 19 years, Lee took part in the Sidney Olympics where she partnered with Yim in the women’s doubles and Lee Dong-Soo in the mixed doubles. Lee and Yim were defeated in the second-round, while Dong was defeated in the first round.

She continued to win many other tournaments and championships including in 2008 where She and Lee Kyung –won bet Yang Wei and Zhang Jiewen at the semi-finals and Du Jung Yu Yang at the finals of the All England Open Championship. It was her first time to grab that title.

The same year at the Beijing Summer Olympics she won a gold medal in partnership with Lee Yong- dee. In 2010, in the Russia games, Lee with Shin Boek Cheol won the women double. Lee declared her retirement for active sports the very year.

The Debut of The South Korean Garlic Girls at The Olympics

The South Korean Garlic Girls

Curling is one game that is rising in popularity across the world and especially in South Korea where the “Garlic Girls” have given it a whole new look. It is a game with the least resources in South Korea regarding participation and training facilities.

Nevertheless, the Southern Korean Curling Girls went out of their way to create an exemplary achievement at the Olympics in PyeongChang. Despite the heavyweights who have tasted the Olympics finals twice, like Sweden and Canada, they managed to scoop a silver medal.

The Garlic Girls (a nickname) are known to have a personality of their kind unlike many other athletes in the field. They are media evasive and hardly do they give in to the public frenzy. Their character inclines widely on their personal choice and the will of the coach.

The South Korean Garlic Girls

They cocoon from external excitement by switching off their phones. The nature of their game dictates the discipline because it is both a physically and psychologically demanding game. Being away from the public reduces the demanding pressure because of their rising popularity.

The Curling team

The first recruit in the game, Kim Eun-Jung, recruited her close friend Kim Yeong –mi. Yeong –Mi recruited her sister. The last recruit was Kim Cho-hi. Cho-hi had a dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher though Curling took it away.

She has not given up the dream, and today she partners with other organizations like World Vision to support the less fortunate children. She desires to see children who come from a less wealthy background like herself live a better life.


Shin Kyung –Sook First Korean Writer to Win The Man Asian Literary


“Please Look after My Mother” is the first novel to be nominated in the Man Asian Literary Prize from South Korea. Shin Kyung –Sook, the author stands to be the first Female writer and national to be named for the same prize.

The book is one deep experience of evoking emotions of sadness and almost grief and uncertainty. The skillful approach of the second person narration easily makes the reader transpose personal life to the experience in the novel.


One would ask, do you know your mother? The rhetoric hits the children of Park So-nyo when she vanishes at the Seoul station someday on her way to see her children. The first born daughter, the eldest child too, launches the search in vain.

The book stretches your imaginations to all limits of disclosure to your inner self. It hits a rubber bullet to your conscience, and indeed, you learn that everyone has a saga within them. At the same time, you feel the extent of a mother’s love.

Through the children trying to define their mother, you learn the dynamics of the culture and customs of South Korea as the mother fends from the village to come and supplement her children in the city.

Please Look after My Mother is set for nominations in 35 countries. The book has sold 1.93 million copies so far and is yet to be published in 32 countries. The author Kyung soon- Shin is one in a million in the styles she uses and the relationship between characters that she builds in the book.

Han Myeong-Sook-South Koreas’ First Female Prime President

Han Myeong-Sook-South Koreas' First Female Prime President

She was nominated to be the first Prime Minister of South Korea by the President, Roh Moo-hyun, following the resignation of Lee Hae-chan. She served as the Prime Minister for 11 months and resigned on April 2007. She is a graduate of Ewha Woman’s University in French Literature.

She is a vibrant woman who attempted to run for presidency though she did not succeed the presidential nominations. Before being appointed as a Prime Minister, she was a member of the United New Democratic Party. Her role in the party played a significant part in her nomination as PM.

Han Myeong-Sook-South Koreas’ First Female Prime President

After she resigned from being the Prime Minister, she was elected as the chairperson of Democratic United Party. She led the DUP which was the opposition party, where she pushed for reforms for the newly formed government. She later stepped down due to political pressure and opposition.

Her role as the first female PM made her get recognized. She remains to be a key influencer to many women who are afraid to lead. She is a powerful leader and a vibrant person as illustrated by the role she played as a Prime Minister and a leader of the opposition.

Despite Hang being a great influence and fighting for women to be recognized, she was sent to prison. In 2012, she was accused of obtaining money illegally and was imprisoned for two years. She faced a major fall in her political career as she could not participate in politics for the next 10 years. Han is a great influencer who motivates women not shy away from politics, but dominate.

Lim Ji-Young-The First Korea Ever to Win Queen Elisabeth Competition

Lim Ji-Young-The First Korea Ever to Win Queen Elisabeth Competition

The young violinist was born in 1995 in Seoul, South Korea. She is a great and renowned violinist who has gained momentum due to her aficionado in violins. She obtained the first prize as the winner in Queen Elizabeth Competition in 2005 that was held in Brussels.  She studies at the Korea National Arts University with Yun Kim.

Lim young has always become successful in numerous other competitions. After she became the second runners-up in the 2011 International Violin Competition Henri Marteau, Ji won the 2012 Japan’s Ishikawa Music Award.  She also performed exemplary in the Concerto Competition which was held at Korea’s International Great Mountains Music Festival. Similarly, she succeeded at International Eurasia Music competition in the year 2013 in Japan. She couldn’t fail to show her expertise in playing the violins at the Indianapolis music competition where she got a Mozart and MIMC prize.

Lim Ji-Young-The First Korea Ever to Win Queen Elisabeth Competition

The professional in general has performed in Belgium, Germany, United States, Korea, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Joell Smirnoff, and Maxim Vengerov.

What happened in the 2005’s Queen Elisabeth competition was weird and amazing at the same time. At the time of prize announcements for the violinists, her name got misheard which made a fellow competitor by the name Lee Yoon to get the prize but unfortunately, for her Lim Young was the real winner hence she got the prize which was inclusive of twenty-five thousand Euros. In that same prize, she was offered a loan of four years of “Huggins” Stradivarius violins, Antonio Stradivari explicitly made that in 1708 who was a violin expert by then.

Single Mothers In South Korea Struggle To Remove Social Stigma

Single Mothers In South Korea

Being a single mother in South Korea is an experience you would not wish to encounter. In the 1980s children were sent for adoption abroad; 90% of them were from the unmarried mothers. The communities in South Korea have become too conservative to accept the presence of single mothers.

Testimony from Choi Hyung –Sook is evidence enough of what you are likely to face as a single mum in South Korea. Her family cut ties with her and bonding again has not been a walk in the park. She had to quit her job because of the underground talks.

Single Mothers In South Korea

According to Shannon Heit, who was adopted by American parents after her grandmother gave her out when her mother had gone to work, she feels it is disgusting to value other parents with more money to raise your child.

The Deputy Director for the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family says the government has expanded its budget to create more awareness campaign to alleviate social prejudice against the single mothers.

Ironically, according to Heit, the government of South Korea offers twice the financial support to domestic adoptive parents than the single biological mothers.

There is a need for the cultural and government support to create a conducive environment for the single mothers to raise their children. The children need to be happy like any others in South Korea. Choi hopes that one day the society will appreciate the fact that raising the child alone is a personal choice.

Choi and Heit have taken leading roles in the awareness campaigns through rallies and celebrating the single women’s day.

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