Lee Chae –Rin (More Commonly Known as CL) – Kpop Sensation

Lee Chae –Rin (More Commonly Known as CL) - Kpop Sensation

Lee Chae, popularly known as CL, was born on 26th February 1991 in Seoul, South Korea. She is a singer, songwriter, and rapper. She spent most of her early years, life, in France and Japan.

Lee Chae received her singing training at JYP entertainment, and later moved to YG entertainment and joined the 2NEI girls’ group. At 2NEI, she became the leader rapper, and the vocalist of the team. She, like any other artist with role models, draws her inspiration from the big names like Lauryn Hill, Madonna, ITYM, and Queen.

Lee Chae –Rin (More Commonly Known as CL) – Kpop Sensation

Her first single solo, The baddest, was released on 28th May, 2013. The second album which she also wrote the lyrics of its tracks was called CRUSH. Some of the songs in the CRUSH album that Lee wrote l are If I Were You, I Miss You, and Crush.

On 4th January 2018, she made her debut in Hollywood as an actress in the film Miezz by Peter Beng. The star, Mark Walberg, starred in the film too. On February 25th 2018, Lee presented at the Olympics summer in Pyongchong Olympic Stadium. After which, she met the President of South Korea, Jae-in, his wife, and daughter.

Five Important Tips For Women Traveling To Seoul, Seoul Korea

Tips For Women Traveling To Seoul

Generally, Seoul city, like many other parts of South Korea, has elements of conservativeness that make it safe for women. If you need to have a visit to this great city keep in mind the following:

Be Apt In The Dressing

Seoul is like the heart of outfits for women. They are always on point right from their office to casual and party attire. So, get yourself one of those masterpieces from the 24-hour-working boutiques and shopping malls which are several.

Tips For Women Traveling To Seoul

Welcoming Personality

The people of Seoul respect women due to their conservative nature. You will always find help from the passersby. However, due to the heavy drinking beware of men who will move closer, though in sobriety they don’t. The security in town is neat and enhanced by the numerous CCTV cameras.

Bridge The Language Deficiency

In case you do not understand the local language, be close to your Wi-Fi or data. The city has a public Wi-Fi which is free-to-use. Cafes and hotels provide Wi-Fi for their customers as well.

Medical Emergencies

If you need medical emergency; dial 1339 at the medical emergency center where they will sort you out with ease. You can inquire about clinics or any other technical medical advice you need.


This should be the least of your worries. The town has a range of hotels that will cater for your needs. Both the luxurious hotels and resorts have all the amenities for your stay.

Consider the Myedong, Gangnam, Insadong, Itaewon, and Hongdae, universities due to their proximity to the commercial and tourists centers.

Shin Kyung –Sook First Korean Writer to Win The Man Asian Literary


“Please Look after My Mother” is the first novel to be nominated in the Man Asian Literary Prize from South Korea. Shin Kyung –Sook, the author stands to be the first Female writer and national to be named for the same prize.

The book is one deep experience of evoking emotions of sadness and almost grief and uncertainty. The skillful approach of the second person narration easily makes the reader transpose personal life to the experience in the novel.


One would ask, do you know your mother? The rhetoric hits the children of Park So-nyo when she vanishes at the Seoul station someday on her way to see her children. The first born daughter, the eldest child too, launches the search in vain.

The book stretches your imaginations to all limits of disclosure to your inner self. It hits a rubber bullet to your conscience, and indeed, you learn that everyone has a saga within them. At the same time, you feel the extent of a mother’s love.

Through the children trying to define their mother, you learn the dynamics of the culture and customs of South Korea as the mother fends from the village to come and supplement her children in the city.

Please Look after My Mother is set for nominations in 35 countries. The book has sold 1.93 million copies so far and is yet to be published in 32 countries. The author Kyung soon- Shin is one in a million in the styles she uses and the relationship between characters that she builds in the book.

Winter Olympics Kim Jong Un Calls For Further Reconciliation

Kim Jong Un

The tension that has been building up between South Korean and North Korea seemed to take a slightly different direction. North Korea sent waves of worry to the international community n her at the nuclear bomb and missile tests.

The President of North Korea Mr Kim Jong -un sent a hand of gratitude to the President to South Korea Moon Jae for hosting his team well at the Olympics in PyeongChang. He also commended for giving his team a priority in the attendance of Olympics.

Kim Jong Un

This comes after Kim’s sister attended the Olympics with an aura of friendliness. The attendance of Kim Yong at the Olympics, her invitation of Moon to the North sends a signal of warmness between the two countries.

Besides, Kim Jong sending his regards is an indication of a relationship that is warming up. Even though Mr Moon did not reiterate with a detailed response, he said that the US is ready for negotiations. The statement has gone through a lot of interpretations from different quarters.

A picture released by Korean state agency of Kim, Ceremonial President and his sister before the Olympics seems to suggest more on the motivation towards the reconciliation between the two nations. Analysts are linking it to the instructions of how the two; Kim Yong and the ceremonial President would give the relations a lively preamble.

It is therefore projected that the two leaders are warming up for further negotiations on improving their bilateral relationship.

Interracial Marriages In Korea

Interracial marriages in Korea

Korea like any other country struggling with her conservative nature has its own pie of intermarriages hiccup to bite. Interracial marriages, is not so common among many Asian countries, and many societies have their challenges adopting the sub culture.

However, there are factors that push the Korean men and women into interracial marriages that we shall briefly look at. Statistics in the last decade show that at least 22,000 Korean men have married women from other Asian nationalities including Vietnam, China, and Philippines.

Interracial marriages in Korea

The Korean women seem to vary in the opinion and most of the 30% of the 7,500 married to other nationalities have gone to the westerners. Mainly, Australia, America and Canada. It is not all roses because of the prejudice of the mixed marriages in Korea.

The notion of mixed marriages threatening social cohesion is still a question of discussion n in Korea. The ministry of Justice put a restriction on the international marriages after the rising cases of domestic conflicts caused by lack of a common language and cultural differences.

The Korean men in the rural areas choose to get wives from poorer Asian states because of the shortage of women to marry. In totality, there is no scale to determine the success of the international marriages or the failure in equal measures.

There are pre-existing stereotypes that emanated from the Korean War that led to women attached to the Americans being left behind. Such, makes the intermarriages a burden to the Korean women to absorb.

Kim Young-Me- Independent Producer and Journalist in a Male-Dominated Field

Kim Young -me

The gender wage gap in the OECD is a factor of concern in Asia and especially in Korea. Since the recognition of the Women’s day in Korea in 1920, very little took place until the first rally in March 1985. The Korea Women’s Association United (KWAU) has worked intelligently to unite the different women’s unions to fight for gender equity.

The mandate of KWAU has been to recognize the women who have made a step in the fight for women’s rights in politics, cooperate, and social development. The union has also taken a forefront role to celebrate women figures and stories. A good example is Kim Young-Me.

Kim Young -me

Professional Risks Of Kim Young-Me

Kim Young is an independent documentary director and producer. She has taken a profession that is flooded by the male. The courage in her is beyond imagination. She has endangered her life to cover stories in the Islamic state operations in countries like Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq.

Her documentaries, Himalaya coffee road, 2010 (covers the fair-trade coffee story), and Blue Angels of East Timor Expresses the lives of the East Timorese people) are among the most daring stories she has put on the platform.

In the quest to establish her career, she has traveled to 80 countries across the world and earned special accolades. Some of the awards include YMCA Korea’s Women Leadership Award and MBC Broadcasts High achievements Award.

Every year the KWAU recognizes individuals like Kim Young in their annual 8th March women’s Rally.



Traditional Korean Foods That Are Naturally Beautifying


In Korea, beauty products are not the only sure way to make the skin glow. The men and women through research and studies have identified foods that replenish and protect the skin. Most of these foods have antioxidants which fight the free radicals and other inflammations that deteriorate the quality of the skin.

Barley Tea

Barley tea has become popular in Korea for its rich in antioxidants. They prevent ageing of the skin. It has also been discovered to prevent tooth decays because of the harsh environment they provide which prevent the existence of the bacteria and bacteria action in the teeth.


This traditional food contains a lot of probiotics and good bacteria. The stomach bacteria are a very important element to keep a healthy digestive tract. When the digestive tract is healthy and clean, the chances of suffering from acne and inflammation are minimal.



Like the Kimchi, Makgeolli is probiotic food. The food has become so popular in Korea for a healthy skin and gut. The extracts from this plant area are vital components in the manufacturing of the sheet masks.

Sea weed soup

Thi plant being a water herb, it has a lot of water which is essential for the hydrated skin. The Omega 3 and the antioxidants in the sea weed plant also prevent the skin from the environmental effects and any other cell damaging effects.


Ginseng is a loved food in by majority of the Koreans. The herb supplements vitamins, and minerals for the skin. The minerals help the skin in metabolism, and growth of new skin.

Soyabean paste

This food contains vitamin E and antioxidants. Soy bean paste prevents intrinsic ageing of the skin, pollution and the Ultra Violet damages.


Jiha Moon, The Famous Contemporary Artists


Jiha Moon was born in 1973 in Daegu, South Korea. She has based her international art in Atlanta, Georgia.  She is widely into the heart of painting in the world through her unique approach of using a variety of media from diverse cultural and historical backgrounds.

Ideally, Moon makes collections of the Eastern (China, Japan, and other countries in Asia), and finally, blends with the Western sources to express the in-depth composition of world’s stories. In these collections, she carefully infuses technology, racial approaches, and folklore.


Jiha Moon is a scholar on matters of fine art. She graduated from Korea University with a degree in Fine Arts. She later mastered in Fine arts and Western Painting, at Ewha Womans University. Moon crowned her education with a Masters of Arts in painting at the University of Lowa in the United States.



She specializes in painting, printmaking, and sculptural ceramics objects. She uses sophisticated techniques like the acrylic prints with Korean paper to bring out the best two and three-dimensional paint finishing. Besides, she uses a variety of fabric, embroidery, and print collage to intensify perfect final products.

Jiha Moon has worked at headlands center of the Arts, Omi International art Center, Mac Dowel Colony, Fabric Workshop and Museum, Henry Luce III Center for the Arts and Religion.


Moon has many exhibitions on record both the solo and group exhibitions; the solo exhibitions include cheekwood Botanical Garden, “Double Welcome: Most Everyone’s Mad Here,” at Taubman Museum and Hasley Institute of Contemporary Art, Museum of Art in Nashville, etc, to mention a few.


Among many other honors, Jiha Moon has been awarded Trwak Prize, Joan Mitchelle Foundation, and Museum of Contemporary Artist Georgia, etc.



Why Is Golf So Popular Among The South Korean Women Athletics?

Why Is Golf So Popular Among The South Korean Women Athletics?

The epic of talent is slowly getting to the brim from the k-pop music, movies and drama to the field events. Golf, which has been traditionally a man dominated game, is changing the face of its champions to vibrant young women in South Korea.

Of course, everyone on the global scale is wondering how the young women in South Korea are getting all the energy and the esteem to outdo veterans like America in the game. The paradox of how hard and easy it is for the damsels are in their background.

Why Is Golf So Popular Among The South Korean Women Athletics?

Before we look at the source of their power, a new champion has hit the global scale in golf from South Korea, Park Sung Hyun, that has found herself in the stellar series of the women champions in the world. Her victory in 2017 obsessed her. Her nickname: Dak Gong which means shut up and attack speaks it all.

According to Alex Fleming, a fun of women golf and who supports on the social media says that South Korean will lead in golf by hard work. He also adds on that parents give every form of support to any girl interested in golf.

Park Sere, 40, the pioneer of the golf winning series is a fulfilled mentor after she witnesses a good number of women on international golf trips. She is a source of inspiration to the new golf team.

South Korea is not a comfortable place to get the dais of golf. The competition is too stiff, and the players undergo a lot of pressure to find their way to the top. The stamina and self-esteem they get is a stimulating factor to win at the international level.

Lee Hyo-Jung –Badminton Olympic Championship

Lee Hyo-Jung

Lee Hyo- Jung was born on 13th January 1981 at Basun South Korea. She is a renowned badminton player who began her exemplary performance at Haksan high school. Throughout her life, she has dedicated her course to the Badminton court and won many matches within and without Asia.

Back at high school, Lee won several junior championships in singles, doubles and mixed doubles in the Germany Junior tournaments. She partnered with Woul Sik to win the Girls Doubles (bronze medal). She too partnered with Chri Min-ho and secured themselves silver medal.

Lee Hyo-Jung

In the Asian championship doubles, Lee together with Yim Kyung –Jin won a gold medal. At the age 0f 19 years, Lee took part in the Sidney Olympics where she partnered with Yim in the women’s doubles and Lee Dong-Soo in the mixed doubles. Lee and Yim were defeated in the second-round, while Dong was defeated in the first round.

She continued to win many other tournaments and championships including in 2008 where She and Lee Kyung –won bet Yang Wei and Zhang Jiewen at the semi-finals and Du Jung Yu Yang at the finals of the All England Open Championship. It was her first time to grab that title.

The same year at the Beijing Summer Olympics she won a gold medal in partnership with Lee Yong- dee. In 2010, in the Russia games, Lee with Shin Boek Cheol won the women double. Lee declared her retirement for active sports the very year.

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