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Abducted Legendary South Korean Actress Dies At 92

Choi Eun –hee

Choi Eun –hee is an actress whose name will remain in the archives of theater for life. Choi was born on 20th November 1926. She began her career early in life, and during the second world, both South Korea and North Korea had enlisted her.

The author Paul Fischer gives an account of her story in the documentary “The Lovers and the Despots.” Her life has been all roses; she has her part of fears to tell. She came to the face of the world when North Korean Agencies abducted her.

Choi Eun –hee

The abduction occurred on her way to Hong Kong where she had been promised a better deal in filming. She remembers a speeding boat approaching and three-four men grabbing her and bundled her on the boat. That was the turning point of her story.

She was put into prison for eight years with her ex-husband, Shin Sang-ok whom she had divorced for having a secret family. That was after she had her first divorce with the first husband. The two, Shin and Choi, produced 130 films while in the North Korean Custody.

Choi got an award of being the best actress in Moscow film award ceremony while still in North Korea. The leader North Korea, Kim Jong II was pleased with their productivity and allowed them to attend international film festivals.

The fact is, Kim Jong II was unhappy with the film content in North Korea and had the zeal to improve it. During one of such visits abroad, Choi and Si escaped. They lived in America for a decade before going back to South Korea. Shin died in 2006 while Choi died at 92 years. They had remarried in 1983 after their divorce in 1976.

Unjust Beauty Norms

Unjust Beauty Norms

There is no doubt that South Korea is the hub of beauty in south Asia. The women don’t step out of their doorsteps without makeup on their faces. And someone asked why South Korea’s women look so beautiful. This is what Michael hurt says.

“Korean skincare products are amazing,” he also adds on that, women in South Korea have prioritized their bodies above all other interests. Michael is a sociologist and professor at Hankuk University of foreign studies Seoul.

Unjust Beauty Norms

The K-beauty is still the norm in Seoul. With products like the v-line masks that aims at slimming puffy cheeks and angular jaws. Hair markers that hide hairlines. The body tints for roughing ashy knees, elbows and nipples.

In South Korea, women’s’ pursuit of beauty is like a political battle. Most of them who want to get to greater heights in their social and professional success is under the norm of beauty. It is a trend that is deeply entangled in the system of Seoul.

A young financial accountant in her 20s faces the real perspective of makeup in Seoul. Whenever she does not use them, the colleagues wonder why her face is tired and melted looking. She gets pressure when she goes out for audit jobs. The workmates insist that older clients love pretty faces.

In the recent past, the social media has hyped the “zombie” face mask with bloggers touting the “glass skin.” The campaign is stimulated by one of the top ten market controllers of beauty products.

Doing cafe, a feminist cafe in Seoul

Doing cafe, a feminist cafe in Seoul

Doing cafe was established in March 2017. The owner, Kim Ryeo –il, carries the dream of seeing feminism ideologies spread and appreciated in a society where the agenda is a taboo. South Korea is still not safe for such ideas for the women in their 20s and 30s. It has not been since her youthful life, Kim says.

The cafe which is located behind in the Gangnam Street, Seoul. The café is packed with more than 1,000 feminism resources; it has an art exhibition, guest lectures, and store merchandise, one on one counseling sessions, and social gatherings.

Doing cafe, a feminist cafe in Seoul

In this café, a young woman in her early 30s drew an immense inspiration to speak about feminism issues after many years of camouflage. Ha Yoon had a fear of marginalization until she came to Doing café where she interacted with about 20 patrons who discussed the feminism issues in detail.

Like many other with feminism ideologies, Ha Yoon was discriminated against by her own family who dismissed her as a person running away from reality. Today she is free to talk and describe to her young brother what feminism is all about, the power she got from Doing cafe.

Kim Ryeo was inspired by a young woman who was stabbed to death by a man in a Gangman restroom. The man was later charged for mental illness and not hate crime. His reason for killing was alleged, the hate women had in him and never wanted to talk to him. The verdict brought a lot of discussions on social media.



Twice a Girl-Group

Twice a Girl-Group

The nine-member group was formed in 2015 by JYP entertainment. It is a product of the reality show sixteen. They hit the market on October 20th 2015 with an Extended Play. Their single “cheer up” catapulted their fame in 2016 that topped the chart in the Gaon Digital Chart. It was the best single of the year with two awards at Melon Music Awards and Mnet Asian Music Award.

They continued to pull great stunts with the single “TT”. The single became the highest selling K-Pop for the Twice Girl Group in 2016. It is estimated to have sold at least 350, 382 copies by close of the very year.

Twice a Girl-Group

Twice made its official debut in Japan in 28th October 2017. They created their first compilation album called #Twice. That very year, the album ranked 2nd position on the Oricon Albums Chart.

#Twice came as a breakthrough regarding sale because of the quality clocking a purchase of 134,157 copies in seven days: The apex of sales since their debut in 2015. Later in the year, they surprised the fans with their first Japanese Maxi single “One More Time” in October. They managed to sell more than 250,000 copies.

Within one and a half years of their debut, Twice managed to sell a whopping 1.2 million copies of the Extended Plays and Albums. With these great achievements, they turn out to be the first group in Asia to earn the Platinum Certification Recording Industry Association of Japan.

Winter Olympics Kim Jong Un Calls For Further Reconciliation

Kim Jong Un

The tension that has been building up between South Korean and North Korea seemed to take a slightly different direction. North Korea sent waves of worry to the international community n her at the nuclear bomb and missile tests.

The President of North Korea Mr Kim Jong -un sent a hand of gratitude to the President to South Korea Moon Jae for hosting his team well at the Olympics in PyeongChang. He also commended for giving his team a priority in the attendance of Olympics.

Kim Jong Un

This comes after Kim’s sister attended the Olympics with an aura of friendliness. The attendance of Kim Yong at the Olympics, her invitation of Moon to the North sends a signal of warmness between the two countries.

Besides, Kim Jong sending his regards is an indication of a relationship that is warming up. Even though Mr Moon did not reiterate with a detailed response, he said that the US is ready for negotiations. The statement has gone through a lot of interpretations from different quarters.

A picture released by Korean state agency of Kim, Ceremonial President and his sister before the Olympics seems to suggest more on the motivation towards the reconciliation between the two nations. Analysts are linking it to the instructions of how the two; Kim Yong and the ceremonial President would give the relations a lively preamble.

It is therefore projected that the two leaders are warming up for further negotiations on improving their bilateral relationship.

Kim Jong –Un’s Sister Is Making History At The Winter Olympics

Kim Jong –Un's Sister Is Making History At The Winter Olympics

North Korea and South Korea have had issues in the past that have affected their relationship over time. One of the challenges being the nuclear firm that is giving South Korea sleepless nights.

For the first time after the South Korean war in the 1950s, a member of the dynasty family made it out of North Korea, and especially to South Korea. That was historic in its terms.

Kim Jong –Un’s Sister Is Making History At The Winter Olympics

Kim Yong Jong, the sister to Kim Jong-un, appeared in the Winter Olympics in South Korea at a very unexpected moment. Unlike her brother, Kim seemed to be so outgoing and freely interacted and greeted other dignitaries and leaders at the Olympics.

Kim Yong, who is also the Vice Director of Workers’ party of Korea Propaganda and Agitation Department, was accompanied by the ceremonial Head of State of North Korea which attracted a lot of media coverage.

During her visit at the Winter Olympics in South Korea, Kim Yong met the President of South Korea, Moon Jae, four times. She also gave him a special invitation from his brother Kim Jong Un to visit North Korea after the Olympics.

Five Important Tips For Women Traveling To Seoul, Seoul Korea

Tips For Women Traveling To Seoul

Generally, Seoul city, like many other parts of South Korea, has elements of conservativeness that make it safe for women. If you need to have a visit to this great city keep in mind the following:

Be Apt In The Dressing

Seoul is like the heart of outfits for women. They are always on point right from their office to casual and party attire. So, get yourself one of those masterpieces from the 24-hour-working boutiques and shopping malls which are several.

Tips For Women Traveling To Seoul

Welcoming Personality

The people of Seoul respect women due to their conservative nature. You will always find help from the passersby. However, due to the heavy drinking beware of men who will move closer, though in sobriety they don’t. The security in town is neat and enhanced by the numerous CCTV cameras.

Bridge The Language Deficiency

In case you do not understand the local language, be close to your Wi-Fi or data. The city has a public Wi-Fi which is free-to-use. Cafes and hotels provide Wi-Fi for their customers as well.

Medical Emergencies

If you need medical emergency; dial 1339 at the medical emergency center where they will sort you out with ease. You can inquire about clinics or any other technical medical advice you need.


This should be the least of your worries. The town has a range of hotels that will cater for your needs. Both the luxurious hotels and resorts have all the amenities for your stay.

Consider the Myedong, Gangnam, Insadong, Itaewon, and Hongdae, universities due to their proximity to the commercial and tourists centers.

Women In South Korea Politics

Women in South Korea Politics

The growth of South Korean women’s participation in politics has been prolonged since independence. After they achieved their freedom, it took forty years for the political system to begin articulating women issues and gender equality into the politics of South Korea.

Women in South Korea Politics

Constitutional Metamorphosis for the South Korean Woman

The first changes in the constitution of South Korea came into place in 1948 where the gender equality in politics was addressed. This law was amended six times between 1948-1988. That is a very rapid amendment in a country that was suffering from political instability.

In 1987, the South Korean parliament put into action the Equal Employment Act which was to allow women to engage more in public participation and development.

Further amendments that could allow women to have the financial muscles that could facilitate their participation in politics and general development were empowered by the 1999 Gender Discrimination and Prevention Relief Act. This law allowed women to own property and access services employment among other fundamental rights bestowed by the law.

Fruits of this amendment have been boosted by the rising of the South Korean women into high positions. An example is Hye Myeong who became the first South Korean woman to become a Prime Minister.

The political party Act in 2004 saw many women participating in elections more than the previous years. 50% of the representation was to be composed of women as stated by the law.

The step by the government to give additional funding of 10% of its budget to the empowerment of women in politics saw the participation of women rise by 13% in 2002.



Top 5 Female Start-up Entrepreneurs in Seoul

Hee-eun Park

While in the past most successful start-up entrepreneurships belonged to men, women in Asia are changing the narrative.

Hyewon Lee

Hyewon Lee has rich experience in small startups and has influenced more than 500 start-ups including Google. At the STX, she was a project manager and later joined the Rocket internet and went ahead to co-found Glossybox. She further established a marketing and e-commerce consulting start-up before bringing AI healthcare start-up Noom to Korea. She made Noon, the most successful healthcare app after raising $30 million through her network. Her latest start-up is Finda, fin-tech business to provide excellent financial products founded on substantial comprehensive data analysis.

Kim Ka Young, Hotel Now

Kim Ka Young is known for her contribution in making Hotel Now app. Koreans loved how the app made it easy to book a hotel and also effortlessly find good deals. The app has over 1 million downloads and is still growing Kim Ka Young is eying the whole of Asian in future.

Hee-eun Park

Hee-eun Park

Hee-eun Park is one of the women who have been in the Korean start-ups entrepreneurship for a long. She is a top expert in this area and a former CEO and co-founder IUM. This award winner businesswoman is currently a principal and part of a Silicon Valley investment capital firm.

SungUn Chang, Yolk

SungUn Chang is a talented entrepreneur who brought the thin. Lightweight, paper-thin charger powered by solar, the Yolk. It fits in a notebook and charges an iPhone in less than three hours. It is unique and convenient, SungUn opened up a new market in a short time, and the Yolk is a force to reckon.

Sophie Eom, Solidware

Sophie Eom is a Fin Tech expert. She worked with AXA Global Direct Korea before co-founding Solidware that uses machine learning combined with extensive data to foretell any possible business risks. Sophie manages the company, makes sales and develops its business making her a leader in the Fin-tech business.

In-Young Ahn, the First Asian Woman to Become an Antarctic Station Leader

In-Young Ahn

In-Young is a female Korean scientist. She ranks as one of the first women to visit Antarctica and the first Asian woman to be a station leader.


Young Ahn studied Biological Oceanography at the Seoul National University where she graduated in 1982. In 1990, she joined the State University in New York and graduated with a PHD in Coastal Oceanography.

In-Young Ahn


She is the current Principal research scientist at the Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI). She leads research on Antarctic Marine Benthenic Ecology with special interest in benthenic invertebrates and monitoring on Coastal Marine Ecosystems.

Besides, she studies the dominant marine bivalve around the Antarctic continent, Antarctica Latenula elliptica. Currently, her studies center on the benthenic communities around the King Sejong Station; how the glacier retreats, and how near shore affects them.

She also serves as an adjunct Professor at the university of Science and Technology.


In-Young Ahn has many accolades on her. E.g., the government of South Korea awarded Ahn a medal of Science and Technology for outstanding accomplishment at the Antarctica in 2001. In 2008, she was awarded a commendation by the Ministry of environment of the South Korea for designation for Antarctic specially protected area.


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